Street Artist ‘Sabo’ Mocks Hollywood Using Fake Posters

Art By Sabo

Heeeeeee’s back…

Street artist, Sabo, designed a series of posters mocking this year’s Academy Awards that he plastered all over Hollywood before Sunday’s big night.

The artist who lives in LA shared photographs of his artwork on his Twitter account. The work includes a poster with a quote from the Quentin Tarantino film True Romance: “All those assholes make are unwatchable movies from unreadable books.”

Twitter Post

— unsavoryagents (@unsavoryagents) February 24, 2017

Another one of Sabo’s posters was pasted onto a Redbox movie rental kiosk: “Yeah! We wouldn’t have paid full price to watch any Oscar nominated movies either,” reads the caption.

In a post on his website, the artist wrote that it was “out of touch actors who rail against my political beliefs” that served as the inspiration for the latest work, which he calls, “Discounting Hollywood.”

“Shia LaBeouf, Bryan Cranston, Cher, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck … I could go on all day, have shot their mouths off long enough calling people like myself every vile name in the book, again and again, and again, and again,” Sabo wrote. “I used to really love movies and the occasional tv show but not so much these days. I ‘discount’ what goes on in them these days more than ever.”

The artist cited a recent Hollywood Reporter poll that found that 60 percent of Americans cannot name one nominee for Best Picture.

“What this tells me is America for the most part is more and more discounting what’s coming out of Hollywood,” he said. “And I’m sure many who do eventually watch these movies are waiting for them to show up on RedBox because $1.50 is all they think they are worth.”

Sabo told the Hollywood Reporter on Friday that he hopes the posters will remain up outside the Dolby Theater ahead of Sunday night’s ceremony.

“These pieces look so legit no one is thinking to take them down,” he told the outlet. “It almost looks like a real Redbox ad.”

Sabo went on Fox News to talk with Tucker Carlson the other night to comment on his art and why he felt he had to make the series to ridicule the leftists in Hollywood.

Says Sabo, “I live in LA, I’m in the belly of the beast, so why not punch it now and then.”

This isn’t the first time the artist has done a political series that skewers the Limousine Liberals.

In August, the artist targeted former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and actor Leonardo DiCaprio with “money laundering” street art. After the election, he placed fake realtor advertisements on bus benches that mocked celebrities’ promises to leave the country if Trump won.

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