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Racist: A Term Everyone Should Stop Using

I’ll be lucky if a day goes by where I don’t hear someone calling someone else a racist.

With the mainstream media constantly keeping the word in use and blaming one person after another for this crime, it’s no wonder why this word won’t die.

Everyone on the left loves this word because it allows them to attack someone on the Right and make them feel guilty, in addition to putting themselves on a moral high ground at the same time.

Some of these accusers may not even believe that the person they’re accusing is an actual racist, but that won’t stop them from climbing up onto their soapbox. Used with a healthy dose of their own self-righteousness, the term sounds so good to say that they just can’t resist opening their mouth.

Calling Someone A Racist

Back in the 70s and 80s, the word racist wasn’t tossed around by die-hard Liberals with such wild abandon as it is now.

Making an off-color joke to someone far left of center might get you a blank stare or a roll of the eyes. But it would not cause the other to boil with anger at your very words.

And why would it? You don’t threaten their very existence with a bad choice of words or because you told the wrong joke to the wrong person.

But try that nowadays and you’ll be met with scorn and hatred by the person on the Left and embarrassment by others who are afraid of being associated with something offensive to a certain group of people.

Sometimes the joke or comment goes too far and the embarrassment is warranted. But other times it comes as a reflex to what they’ve been instructed to feel by the media. And who doesn’t get exposed to our media day in and day out?

Racist is just a word. But it’s become a favorite buzzword in our society; a word that instantly makes people uncomfortable, willing to do anything to separate themselves from the stigma of being a racist.

In fact, being a racist these days ranks right under child molestation as far as bad acts go. You’d probably get more respect from most people if you were a murderer…just as long as you don’t murder a child.

That’s the way people in America think these days. And that’s just how screwed up a country we really are.

The reality is, if you hate somebody because of their race, it’s hate, plain and simple. It’s no different from hating somebody because they’re a Communist or because they remind you of someone from your past who did you wrong.

The only difference is that our country has turned racist into a highly-charged word which makes it all the more awful when someone is accused of being one.

It’s similar to calling someone a Nazi, even though 99.9% of the people being called that term, aren’t Nazis at all. But calling someone a Nazi immediately puts that label on them as a white supremacist…and a racist by association.

Lemme ask you this; is it any more wrong to not want to associate with old people because you don’t like them for whatever reason? No, of course not. But you don’t see people calling others ageists, do you?

That’s because the word doesn’t have the same negative connotation as the word, racist. Being a racist isn’t any worse than being an ageist, and yet most people won’t care if you are an ageist.

The only difference is that the word racist carries more emotional weight.

In the past, we were all able to laugh at ourselves and our racial and cultural differences. A TV show like All In The Family would always have the main character, Archie Bunker, play off of these stereotypes to produce laughs.

While there might have been a kernel of truth in the things he said, the fact that he would sometimes go overboard and overstate these stereotypes made it funny.

That show doesn’t go over so well anymore with the masses because many of them have forgot how to laugh at themselves. Others feel guilty about laughing along with a bigot.

Is this the way we really want to live; walking on broken glass as a society because we’re afraid of our differences?

It’s come to the point now where even comedians can’t tell off-color jokes like this anymore without getting booed because of their insensitivity towards others.

The Solution: Turn Off Your TV

What seems to be so evident for some people goes right over the head of others who believe whatever they’re told.

If the people on TV tell them something, they automatically assume it to be true. They never question it. They never research a topic. They simply act as they’re told to act.

This is scary as there are a lot of these people out there willing to believe what our Leftist media tells them to believe and will gleefully carry out their orders because of the power trip they get out of it.

Playing The Race Card

What can be done about this? How can a country prosper with so many stupid people in it willing to take the bait?

How can we come together again as a country when one side is being programmed by the media to make others feel guilty about the things they say and do?

As I see it, there is no way out of this; at least not as long as our media is allowed to indoctrinate half the country into believing they have some kind of moral superiority over the rest of us.

In my opinion, we have gone way too far in the use of calling others racists. But people know it’s a powerful word that can be used as a weapon and so they continue to use it in every capacity possible because it gives them the power they are so desperately lacking in their lives.

We all need to put away this word and use it when it really holds some weight, and not just so we can feel good about ourselves and put us in a morally correct light.


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