Effeminate Men and Masculine Women: The Downfall Of The West

Effeminate Man

Walking around my local city these days, I’m completely amazed and bewildered at how effeminate men have gotten and how women have taken on the part of being the masculine ones between the two genders.

If you went back just 30 years ago, you’d be in a completely different society.

Men acted like men. They stood tall, they were physical, and their heroes were men that were more manly than they hoped they could ever be.

A good deal of men today are both physically weak and don’t carry themselves like men.

Conversely, women have become tougher, louder, cruder, and lack any kind of social grace at all.

So what has caused this change in our society?

Some people throw up their arms and say, “It’s just how things are.”

Well, they’re wrong.


How Men Went From Tough Guys To Pansies

Nature didn’t decide to change on the spot to start producing men that acted like women and vice versa.

Somebody engineered this.

This plan was orchestrated from a group of people that have long been trying to kill off Western civilization, and changing people’s beliefs on what constitutes normal behavior for men and women is part of that plan.

Effeminate Men

You can call this group: Globalists, Marxists, The Elite…or whatever you wish. The point is, their plan has been working for some time now with American citizens and the rest of the West in the dark about what’s taking place.

This change in our society might not be quite so apparent to some. After all, action movies still have big, tough guys and masculine men.

Well…yes, they do. But that is just part of the illusion. If you take a look around at all the other men around you, chances are you won’t see those types of men.

Most of the younger guys today which make up the Millennial generation have been conditioned by the schools and the media to be “tolerant of alternate lifestyles.” They turn on the TV and are bombarded with shows about being gay. They are shown comedies with straight men acting like women because “it’s all in good fun.”

When someone doesn’t accept the gay lifestyle as a positive thing, the behavior is shown as “not acceptable” and even “embarrassing” to others.

Leftists then argue that heterosexual relationships are just a social construct and by not accepting the gay alternative lifestyle, you are a hateful person.

This is how society is brainwashed. Because no one wants to stand up and speak the truth and risk being alienated by others.

These lies from the left are completely invalid and they not what God intended men and women to be.

However, the lies keep persisting and the damage is done over time as these messages shown over and over to young guys take a toll. It isn’t long before these men’s brains are reprogrammed and you have an entire generation of effeminate men walking the Earth.

Soon, these men begin to adopt the same behaviors of the male characters they see onscreen. They pretend they’re gay to get a laugh. They suddenly feel offended and embarrassed when someone else puts down effeminate, straight men or shuns the gay lifestyle.

This indoctrination starts at an early age. If you look around, you can see instances of this kind of oppression going on all the time.

For instance, little boys aren’t even allowed to be physical with each other anymore. They are punished at school for pretending to shoot an imaginary bow and arrow in class.

They are told not to wrestle with one another or “play fight” because it encourages violence.

Basically, anything that boys once did is now condemned for being a danger to society.

From these years of being “programmed”, these men are now rewired to believe that everything that has come before them is wrong. Time-honored traditions of boys being groomed to act like men are thrown away.

The minds of these men have now been altered forever.


How Women Went From Classy Ladies To Obnoxious Harlots

And what about women? What has happened to them?

While men were being turned into women, the women were being stripped of their femininity.

By nature, girls want to act girly.

They want to be soft, demure, coquettish, and ladylike. If they grow up to be different than this, it’s because they have been conditioned to do so by their parents, the media, or some other factor.

Just the mere fact that so many women these days are more interested in acting like boys suggests that this change has occurred on a large scale. Therefore, the main problem is not the parents. It’s the media.

I mentioned before how men are being programmed. Well, it’s really not much different with women.

Young ladies are encouraged on some level to take on some of the attributes of boys. This includes: swearing, stamping themselves with tattoos from head to toe, being loud, and basically anything that will take away their God-given femininity.

Woman With No Class

Mothers who once taught their daughters how to cook no longer do so because they are taught to believe these traditions are out-dated.

Just being around younger, more masculine women today makes one wonder if their mothers have taught them anything about what it means to be a lady.

So why are they told to abandon everything a lady has always stood for in the past?

Is this evil plan in place to get the sexes to be so disgusted with each other that neither wants to marry?

Is this done to promote Godless, loveless, sexual lifestyles and single-parent homes where it’s much harder to form a Christian family?

Many know that something is not right. This isn’t the way that things are supposed to be. However, they don’t seem to know what to do about it…or maybe don’t even care because they feel powerless or are confused about how they can help change the tide.

Then there are others…the ones on the left who would like nothing better than to see our traditional, patriarchal society burn to the ground, simply because they don’t feel like they fit in.

The problem lies in the fact that the latter are given a voice and even monetary backing from certain wealthy individuals to carry out their destruction of a Christian America.

So what can the rest of us do to help change our country back to the way it used to be and the kind of society that God intended us to live in?


A Plan For Men To Return To Masculinity

Effeminate men don’t want to wear the pants in the relationship and this just one of the reasons why they’re weak.

You can remedy this by simply taking charge.

By being the leader and taking the reigns of the relationship and where it’s going, you already start off on the right foot.

Next, you can start by demanding that the woman you’re dating or married to act like a woman, and not one of your buddies.

She should not call attention to herself, act obnoxious, talk back to other men, or do anything that a woman of God wouldn’t do.

Your woman shouldn’t be emulating the reality stars she sees on TV as their behavior is poisonous to your relationship and to her goal of becoming a woman that a man will respect.

These facts hold true even if neither of you are Christian. Men and women have always related best when traditional roles of men and women were respected and lived by.

Many women these days who have been conditioned by the media to believe they are being held back by men will argue that “times have changed” and men should just let women be who they are.

Men must refuse to let their woman believe this nonsense and demand that she act like a lady should. If she doesn’t, it’s best to leave her and find one that does.

If every man did this, these women would see that this is no way for a lady to act.

Do not give your strength to women, your ways to those who destroy kings.

– Proverbs 31:3

The problem is, many men just let their woman act however they please because they are afraid that if he speaks up, she will leave him. You can’t live your life in this kind of fear because your girlfriend or wife will never respect you.

The problem is compounded once one man let’s a woman act this way because soon that behavior will soon be seen in other women who copy her.

If you end up marrying a woman and having a son, give him the freedom to act like a boy. He should be shown what it means to be a man and encouraged to act the same.

Let him get physical with other boys his age as that’s what little boys do from time to time. When it comes time for him to fight his battles on the playground, teach him how to stand up for himself when it’s necessary.

This is the ideal plan for men these days to provide a happy home for you and your wife along with ensuring that your son grows up to be a man himself when he becomes older.

It’s the road that God is trying to lead you down while Satan tries to distract you by showing you alternate routes to take; routes that only lead you and your family to ruin.


A Plan For Women To Return To Femininity

As a woman, you were created by God to be different from men. You are not supposed to compete with them to see who is the most aggressive or to display any other traits that men possess.

You were made to compliment men and live in peace with them.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a career. It doesn’t mean you can’t hold a high position at work.

But it does mean that you should always retain the traits of being a woman, especially when around men. To not do so spells disaster for both sexes as we have seen recently in western culture.

Young women should always look up to older women to learn how to act in society, and also how to act around men. These older, feminine women should be sought out for their guidance if for whatever reason your own mother hasn’t taught you what you need to know.

Hollywood actors and pop stars should not be your idols and should not be looked up to.

Much of the industry has gone along with the plan to ruin women. Female actors and musical artists are told what to do and how to act by the power brokers in Hollywood and this is why we see this bad, rebellious behavior of these women in our media.

Miley Cyrus Acting Like A Slut
Miley Cyrus Acting Like A Slut

Because of the despicable behavior of these female celebs, regular women mimic this behavior out in public. They swear like sailors and refer to other women as “bitches.”

Add to this, one of the recurring themes on reality shows is women talking badly of men.

I should point out here that I’m not talking about the usual relationship problems that occur between the sexes. I’m talking about women speaking as if they have an agenda to get every other woman on board of swearing off men forever.

These types of reality shows and movies are promoted by the puppet masters who bankroll these productions and put them on air.

Can you guess what this is doing to every female who watches this filth?

It’s causing a change in our society that’s for the worse. It’s destroying the love that  men and women have for each other. It’s killing romance and making every connection about sex.

But sex isn’t all we need from each other.

Men and women need the company of one another to get through life with their sanity intact. They need each other’s loving touch and kind words.

The reason we are seeing less and less of this is a product of the feminism that is being promoted today.

So to the women out there, I plead with you to stop listening to the lies from our media and the people who want you to believe these lies.

Women don’t need feminism to have a great career, or to be independent, or to feel in control of their lives.

Feminism is a poison to us all that must be stamped out of our society forever.

Do yourself a favor and start watching old movies to see how a woman should act. Women like Grace Kelly were the absolute personification of a lady.

Grace Kelly Was A Lady

These were strong, independent women…but they always acted like a lady. Be this type of woman and display your femininity and you’ll notice a difference in how the opposite sex react to you.

Men will appreciate you much more and you’ll come off as attractive and feminine compared to the other women on the street today who only display masculine traits.


A Return To Christian Ways

As Christians…or even non-Christians, it behooves us as a society to return to our roots; men being the dominant of the two genders while women playing the opposite part in the play.

This relationship between the sexes has stood the test of time and it’s what makes the sexes relate well to one another so both can live in harmony.

It’s time to reject the non-Christian way of life we see on TV where effeminate men and masculine women are the norm. This lifestyle will be the end of our civilization if we continue along down this road.

Do your part and turn your back on what the media is telling you what is right. Read your bible and let men and women take on the traits that our Lord and savior wanted us to have when he created us.

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