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Dating Apps Have Ruined Courtship Between Men and Women

In the last few years, we’ve seen dating apps completely change the dynamic of what we now call dating.

Guys and girls now get on their phone and mindlessly swipe through one prospect after another until they see what they want.

In theory, this seems like the most practical way of choosing a date or mate. But in reality, it’s destroying the dating scene for both genders.

The Beginning of Online Dating

The granddaddy of all dating sites, Match, started way back in 1995 when the Internet was first catching on with the public.

However, it carried with it a stigma of being a desperate way to find a partner. Because of that, most people shunned it.

People still preferred to meet in person where they could connect and look each other in the eye. Chemistry either happened or it didn’t.

That would be the last time this was the norm in our society as things would soon change.

A few years later, the online dating stigma was dropped and many people who once shunned dating sites started using services like Match and eHarmony to find people to date and possibly marry.

Match allows anyone to message anyone else as much as they please. What this meant was that the most desirable women would get swamped with invitations from men to chat.

This easy way for unconfident men to talk to women out of their league started the problem of overabundance which was never before seen in the dating world.

These men would never approach these women in real life out of fear of having to actually talk to them, or realized that even if they did, they couldn’t offer them anything better than the most desirable men who they were competing with in the game.

However, protected behind their computer screen, the game changes a bit. Now, they could alter their picture, make themselves seem taller, or even lie about their income, all with the hope of landing a date with one of these beauties.

So all of their time now went into perfecting their profile to try to attract women that would never be attracted to them in real life.

The inherent problem with sites like Match is that attractive women don’t read half the emails they receive because they are bombarded with them every day. Many guys have made fake profiles to test this theory and sure enough, they were soon inundated with emails to read with thirsty men who wanted a date.

While it’s not enough of a problem to sink Match’s business model, it does present a problem with attracting more women to the site.

In another area of the Internet, eHarmony somewhat solved this problem by catering to those specifically looking for a partner and limiting the amount of people you could contact each day.

eHarmony Dating Profile

What this managed to do was remove the overabundance that all the pretty girls were getting and put everybody on a level playing field in terms of how many people they were meeting on a daily basis.

Mind you, this was before the hookup culture that we now live in. Most women during this time were still seeking out a partner and not necessarily just a partner for the evening.

However, it’s still a paid service which limited its reach.

Leftist Programming Changes Our Dating Culture

Western women have always been kept in check when it comes to their predilection for pre-marital sex. While it always existed, most women were not proud of high notch counts and did so out of the necessity to try to find a man would fulfill their other needs for companionship.

Suddenly, along comes a rise in feminism that would change what was never broken in the first place.

Female celebrities soon started dating one man after another and making sure it was known that this was their idea, not the man’s.

Films and TV shows showed women being the promiscuous ones wanting only a night of fun in lieu of long term commitment from a man.

This barrage of the “new woman” attitude on our public started to have an effect on the girls who were watching these shows. Acting on what they saw, they went out and copied the “Sex and the City” lifestyle, pretending they were characters in a TV show.

With the uptick in promiscuity came an ugly new attitude in which these women objectified men and judged them on every little flaw in their character. The result has been nothing short of appalling.

Instead of being the loving creatures that God meant them to be, they now act like spoiled divas who expect nothing less than perfection.

Dating Apps Become Even More Superficial

In the midst of this new change in women, the dating app Tinder reared its ugly head from the swamp.

The app, which couldn’t possibly get any more superficial, is simplified down to the action of swiping from one person to another and judging people by appearance only.

App Like Tinder

While it’s no surprise that this would appeal to men who judge on mostly looks alone, the app caught on with women who normally want to see more than just a pretty face.

No longer would desirable women have 100 emails in their inbox every day which turned into a huge time sink for them to read and resembled something like a job. Now, they could simply play a fun game on their phone and meet men…and do it all for free.

Apparently we’re all susceptible to convenience.

But it’s the combination of this change in morals and the power of this app that have really done damage to our single men and women.

While the less desirable women from years past would be inclined to wait for a man to show up with an invitation to court them, these women would now simply wait for the more desirable men to approach them, even if it was for sex…which it always is. All without having to wade through a bunch of emails.

These alpha men are either going through a dry streak or simply want more sex than what they’re getting from the A-list girls. They find that in the plain-looking, lonely women who don’t mind holding out for a night of lust with what they believe is the best out there.

The domino effect here is that plain looking guys now have no access to even the plain looking girls as they’re waiting to be texted by some stud who wants a quick roll in the hay and will quickly pass on your average-looking guy who now isn’t up to their standards.

Apparently, the plain-looking girls now believe they would be dating under what they’re capable of since they just had sex with Chad, the football star the other night.

So your average Joe is stuck going out with his friends to another bar on Saturday night instead of being on a date with a girl that’s in his same league and is marriage material.

This is the disaster of today’s dating scene.

Where Is The Dating Scene Going From Here?

This new dating culture begs the question, “What will happen when these young people are no longer young?”

Will the women change their ways and want a relationship when they hit 29 and see their looks starting to fade? Or will they continue to believe they are just as desirable as they were when they were 25 and continue to look for meaningless hookups well into their 40s and 50s?

Can the average guy eventually find a way to meet a woman to marry…or have apps like Tinder created a personal hell that they may never get out of?

What may be the most quizzical thing about these Millennials is that for most of them, neither sex seems to want anything serious. In fact, some women these days seem to be just as resistant to a long-term relationship as men are.

How can this be? How can a large portion of the female species suddenly adopt a new way of thinking that seems to go against what they’ve always yearned for since they were little girls; a perfect wedding with the perfect husband.

I understand how powerful the programming is in today’s media but I find it amazing that so many women have bought into this feminist nonsense. Seemingly, they’ve had every romantic bone ripped from their bodies.

No longer do they want courtship. No longer do they prefer to get to know a man before jumping into bed with him.

And while most men won’t complain about this new behavior, it has had a tremendously profound effect on those men who are looking for something more that a roll in the hay.

What this younger generation really needs now is religion.

However, I also think men and women these days have strayed so far off God’s path that they couldn’t find their way back if they wanted to. With the myriad of sexual themes presented in TV and movies these days, it would take a miracle feat to tear them away from a lifetime of sin and pointless encounters.

We Need To Return To Dating And Courtship

When you examine what has gone before us, one has to wonder: Are women this malleable that their natural programming would allow themselves to be fooled into thinking that they now want sex over a relationship and marriage?

Are they simply doing what they think is expected of them…or is this sexual urge something that has always needed to be suppressed for the good of mankind?

Maybe there was a legitimate reason that women were not allowed to let their sexual desires run free. It’s not hard to see that this was a problem before and that action needed to be taken to protect the sanctity of marriage and give everyone a chance at finding a partner in this life.

Romance and courtship are good things to have in this world and yet they are being slowly destroyed by Leftists forces.


The left will tell you that they are “freeing women” from the cruel restraints the patriarchy has chained upon them. They’ll tell you that by removing the stigma of women having sex with whoever they please is good for society and “progressive.”

Nothing could be further from the truth though as this ideology does not benefit everyone, not to mention the fact that it is sinful and goes against what the Lord expects from us.

Letting the inhibitions of men and women run wild by going from one sexual partner to another does more than just limit peoples’ ability to have meaningful relationships.

It prevents us from seeing the inner beauty in people and recognizing other gifts that the Lord bestowed upon them.

In short, it makes our world even more superficial and unpleasant to live in.


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