Is The Conservative Right Just Controlled Opposition?

Wolf Amongst Sheep

I like Fox News shows.

In fact, I watch them myself from time to time in order to get updated on current events, with that conservative spin that I enjoy.

Bill O’Reilly had a great show with The O’Reilly Factor and Tucker Carlson has a good show of his own now. Both are really bright, entertaining guys who do a good job of reporting news and giving their take on it.

While O’Reilly stuck to mostly political news, Tucker Carlson seems to venture out a bit more and tackles some social issues that Bill never went into.

However, I know that I’m not getting all of the important news that I should be getting. I know this because Right-leaning shows like this are nothing more than controlled opposition.

Controlled Opposition

Controlled opposition is a place for the political Right to put their anger. It’s a place for us to go to hear our own opinions echoed by others.

But that’s as far as it goes.

Some of us deep down probably wish that one of these newscasters would blow their stack like Howard Beale in Network and blurt out to everyone that we need to get mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Howard Beale

Of course that never happens. These people merely go own reporting the news that will validate why their audience became a Conservative in the first place.

They talk endlessly about Trump and defend him when the liberals attack. And some of the times they’ll even report on the SJW loonies and the home grown terrorist group, ANTIFA and how they’re a threat to the right.

However, they stop short when reporting on another country that has gone to hell that bears a resemblance to what our own American society is slowly starting to become thanks to the likes of Bernie Sanders.

Perhaps this is the reason that we hardly ever hear about the situation in Venezuela.

The socialist government of Venezuela who put all their eggs in one basket by only producing oil and nothing else has suffered because of it. And now their entire population is living in the worst poverty you’ve ever seen.

People scrounge for food in trash cans. Dogs, who were once pets, have been abandoned by their owners who can no longer feed them.

Crisis In Venezuela

The place is a mess. It’s Socialism at its worst which has caused rioting and murders just so people can survive.

And yet you don’t hear about from your nightly news show.

It’s quite possible you don’t hear about it because one might draw parallels to the US and its leaders who seem to want to take us down the same path.

This is what controlled opposition looks like.

So instead of keeping you current on world events, they go back to reporting on Trump and talk about all the liberals who don’t understand him.

In another part of the world, Western Europe is being overrun by migrants who were shipped over there and promised free welfare.

The result has been awful. Countries like England now have these angry people who somehow think they deserve a much better life for leaving their own country and have clashed with the British locals to show their ungratefulness.

Migrant Crisis

The British police who are ordered to stand down, do nothing to protect the citizens of their own country. Essentially, they’ve turned their back on their own people.

It’s the beginning of what will probably soon turn into a nasty war.

But does Fox News report on this? Do they ever show how the lives of the locals have been turned upside down as their home towns are plagued by these 3rd world leeches?

Good luck finding that story.

It’s just more controlled opposition.

So why aren’t these stories being covered? Is it because showing the patriotic locals of England standing up to tyranny might incite US citizens to do the same when they get bullied around themselves?

Conservative news like Fox would rather spend time talking about Ivanka Trump being criticised for the color of dress she chose to wear to make a speech.

Meanwhile, the invasion of Europe goes on and on but no one ever mentions it.

Apparently, the fact that millions of migrants have shown up on Europe’s doorstep and overloaded a country’s welfare system isn’t a big enough headline.

You see what they want you to see. You hear what they want you to hear. So if they don’t want you to know about how migrants are taking over your ancestral homeland of Europe, they don’t make it an issue.

And what about Trump?

Is he who he says he is? Does he really want to make a difference?

Maybe he does have good intentions but is simply a pawn in a much larger game being played on a worldwide stage.

It could be that he’s just biding his time until he has the power to do what needs to be done; to clean up our chemtrail-filled skies, to put an end to unchecked immigration, to restore the US to the greatness it once had in the 1980s.

Maybe he just needs time.

Or maybe this was never the plan at all. Maybe he’s no different than any other president that came before him, and his promises hold no more weight than the others that took office.

Could it be that left vs right, Democrats vs. Republicans is just an illusion and that in reality we really have no choice at all?

The Russian communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin once said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Well…that’s what they’re doing now in the good ol’ USA. And by using controlled opposition, they’ve managed to fool most of America into thinking that we all still have a choice in our leaders.


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