Christian Girls Are Beautiful And Here’s Why

Christian Women Are Beautiful

Having spent time around both Christian girls and non-Christian girls I can honestly say that I appreciate Christian girls more.

Everything about them exemplifies how a lady should be. From how they act like ladies should act to the way they treat others, Christian girls are a constant reminder of both how God intended women to be and how different they are from non-Christian women.

Most non-Christian women these days are being steered in the wrong direction, both by the media along with their parents who don’t have an interest in carrying on long standing traditions of how a woman should be in the eyes of our Lord.

What follows are my favorite things about Christian girls and they remain loyal to both tradition and to the Bible itself.


Christian Girls Dress Like Ladies

If you’ve spent any time around Christian girls, you know their preferred style of dress is always conservative. They don’t wear super low-cut tops that show too much cleavage or overly short skirts that would make any woman look like a cheap tart.

While some may find this prudish, dressing like a Christian woman doesn’t mean having to cover up your womanly figure. It simply means dressing appropriately as a lady.

Like any other man, I love to see the curve of a woman’s body. However, these days Western women have become shameless in what they will wear.

One of the most popular items for women to wear is yoga pants. I’m sure there are many men who love these on women. I however am not one of them.

It’s not a look that suits a well-styled conservative woman.

Whether girls wear these because they’re more comfortable or because they just think it makes them look slimmer, the end result is that they just look lazy.

In my opinion, it’s one step above wearing sweat pants.

Another favorite item for women to wear these days is pants and jeans. Prior to the 1900s, pants and jeans were a clothing item worn by men.

It wasn’t until the 1920s and 1930s that women begin wearing trousers as leisurewear even though it was looked down upon (and deservedly so).

Then, in the 1960s a man introduced a women’s fashion line of jeans to the public. Since then, jeans have become a popular choice among women and nowadays you’re more likely to see non-Christian women in jeans than a dress.

So…what does the bible say about women wearing pants?

In Deuteronomy 22:5 the position of women dressing like men is clearly stated:

“A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.”

Since this passage comes from the Old Testament, many Christians have used this as a way to ignore the passage altogether. Even ministers won’t talk about it because they’re scared it might turn away some of the females in their congregation and deter them from showing up altogether.

So these ministers act like the passage doesn’t even exist, just like other passages in the Bible that some people aren’t comfortable with today.

Years ago, many conservatives warned that if all women started dressing like men, they’d also start acting like men and soon the line between man and woman would be blurred to the point where it would affect the sexes.

As I look at the behavior of women today, it seems as if the predictions of these conservatives in the church were right. Women wearing jeans and pants has only aided in removing the femininity of girls today.

Thankfully, most Christian women I know will opt for a sundress over yoga pants or jeans and I love them for that.

To me, nothing brings out a woman’s femininity more than a beautiful dress and I always try to compliment them on their style when the occasion arises.

I think I can speak for most men when I say that skirts and dresses are just sexier on a women.


Christian Girl In Sexy Dress


At this point, I think a major shift in fashion would have to occur for girls to give up their jeans for good. But I think it’s important for Christian girls to understand that God wanted women and men to be different.

By choosing to dress like a lady, you’re upholding Christian traditions of how a women is expected to dress…and Christian men everywhere will appreciate the thought.


Christian Girls Speak Like Ladies

Most non-Christian young women these days have a lot to learn about how to talk like a lady.

Many of them swear or use other offensive language that should never come out of their mouths no matter what the situation.

On top of that, they employ a lazy vocal fry to their voices when talking as if they are bored with the person standing across from them.

As they seem to get this from their role models on TV, it’s easy to see why so many of these girls have fallen victim to this malady.

What’s interesting is I’ve never met a Christian girl who talked in this manner. Maybe that’s because they don’t subject themselves to pop stars like Katie Perry who openly practice this behavior.

When it comes to the art of conversation, Christian girls are a delight to converse with.

If you’re a man who’s looking to meet an intelligent woman, you’ve got favorable odds that you can find that by simply going to church.

It’s a good bet that they won’t be jabbering on about celebrities or gossiping about some woman who they don’t like.

These women have been brought up to know that this is not acceptable behavior in the eyes of God. Raised on the Bible, they’re much more likely to discuss weightier subjects, especially if that subject pertains to the Lord.


Christian Girls Act Like Ladies

A godly woman of today is probably not much different than one of 50 years ago.

When out in public, she attempts to express her femininity and her individuality in a way that pleases God.

Just by how she sits and holds herself, a woman can demonstrate her ladylike behavior. Here is a good example of how a women should sit in public:

In addition to knowing how to act like a lady in public, Christian girls are respectful of others, including men. They do their best not to raise their voice to another man or criticize him, including their husband.

If a Christian woman has an issue with someone, she calmly talks it out like a lady should without shaming another or letting her anger bring her emotions to a boil.

This is the result of being brought up in loving, Christian families where they were taught right from wrong and have now become beautiful women because of that upbringing.

The difference between a woman raised in a house where religion isn’t taught and one that is, has never been more apparent than it is today.


Christian Girls Treat Others Kindly

You can be sure to find kindness in a Christian woman’s heart as they always practice what the Bible teaches them.

Ephesians 4:32 says: “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

Christian Girl Helping Another

A Christian girl who lives by these words will stand out in the crowd of narcissistic, self-important people you meet on the streets.

She will be happy to welcome you to her Christian group. She’s open to getting to know others and to listen to their story.

Contrast her to the typical woman of today who is self-involved and fixated on trying to copy her favorite reality TV star. Most women of today are not genuine. They have no interest in anyone that is outside of their own self-centered world. In fact, they care more about their pets than others around them.

As a society, we have gotten away from caring about our neighbor. We have been taught that to be ultimately selfish is the right way to act today because “times change.”

The Christian woman recognizes that our society has gotten off track and she does what she can to treat others, Christian or not, how she wants to be treated…even when they hold opposing viewpoints that conflict with hers.


Christian Girls Haven’t Become Tainted by Today’s World

The typical woman these days has been changed for the worse by a diet of TV where women are selfish, vapid, whorish, masculine and self-entitled.

These unfortunate women have been subject to all kinds of conditioning by certain political groups who are hell-bent on destroying Western civilization and Christianity along with it.

The scourge of feminism has taken a toll on the women today, convincing many women that men are evil, cannot be trusted, and aren’t needed.

Women are encouraged to take on the louder, stronger personality of their counterparts so they can compete in the workplace. This abhorrent behavior driven into their brains by Marxists has changed women into something that God does not approve of.

They’ve also been conditioned by our media to act out when a situation arises.

These women will scream, cuss, and physically fight others (men included) to win an argument.


These Are Not Women Of God

What our society has become is just plain ugly and much of this ugliness is coming from the women out there who have no relationship with God.

They have never been properly taught how to act like a lady. In fact, just the opposite has occurred.

Some of this fault lies with their mothers who are more interested in being their daughter’s friend, than a mother who teaches them right from wrong. Nowadays, a daughter who acts out is protected instead of scolded.

The result of all this is women have taken on the traits of men, becoming louder, more masculine, and losing the beautiful femininity that God gave them.

In addition to this, non-Christian girls have become colder and self-centered, caring only about their own group of friends as if it’s them against the  world.

They’ve been told to believe that Christianity is a religion that was made to keep them down, restrict their ability to be happy, and is oppressive to them as women.

Nothing could be further from the truth but these non-Christians would rather believe what comes out of their TV instead of the Bible itself whose words have stood the test of time.

They fail to see that their TV can be used as a tool against them by Satan. The people who own these TV stations and decide on the programming have their own agenda they want to push…and it’s not a Christian one.

Contrast these lost women to Christian girls who have been taught not to let the devil take them by the hand and lead them off their godly path.

Christian girls remain faithful to the Bible and are not swayed by the lures of evil which promise them a better life.


Christian Girls Love the Lord

Christian girls who like to read the Bible are usually deep and interesting people. They will often engage in conversation about what certain passages mean to us as Christians and how we should interpret them in today’s world.

I notice that many of them seem to be well-informed on societal issues and have the confidence to stand behind their beliefs which are rooted in Christianity.

Compare this to non-Christian girls who seem more prone to side with whatever seems popular at the time or is more socially acceptable. These women are more concerned with how they look to others and how they will be perceived and many will waver back and forth on what they believe so as not to upset the other people in the group.

Christian girls might phrase their beliefs a certain way so not to upset others but even these types will not bend when challenged by the opposition.

A godly woman puts God first. She lives by the book and what she was taught by her Christian family.

Christian Girl Praying

A married one loves her husband unconditionally. She supports him and doesn’t look to trade up or try to find something better in another man.

She goes to church to praise the Lord and teaches the Bible to her family.

She lives the word of God and is beautiful because of it.


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