Ashley Judd Refers To Trump As ‘Sexual Predator’

Ashley Judd Angry About Trump

In one of her latest videos titled, “Ashley Judd describes being triggered by Trump,” the once popular actress said that Donald Trump’s electoral victory is worse than being raped, reported.

“It remains for me the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime,” she said. “Raped as a child – bad. Re-raped by a political system that ordains a clown – really bad.”

Trump hasn’t been in the White House for 1 month and this woman is already comparing his tenure to that of being raped.

Judd goes on to say that her uncle who failed to protect her from being sexually assaulted as a child betrayed her again by voting for Trump.

“And the fact that there were adult men in my family – who failed to protect me as a child – voted for him, was really re-traumatizing in saying, ‘You’re gonna put me out there again. And the idea that you would protect me has evaporated.’ And it was incredibly painful. Incredibly painful,” she said.

“Immediately I began to weep, because it’s not ok. It’s not ok,” Judd added. “For me it’s not about the wall, it not about any of that stuff. It’s about, you voted for a pussy grabber. You voted for someone who calls his wife a piece of ass, whose daughter is his favorite sex symbol. It really boils down to me to the sexual assault and the misogyny piece.”

Last month, at the Women’s March in Washington, DC, Judd bashed Trump by suggesting that he has sexual fantasies about his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

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