American Woman: A Fall From Grace

American Woman

There was a time not too long ago when the American woman was put on a pedestal and looked up to as the gold standard of the female species.

Those days have long since passed.

Today, American women (and really Western women in general) have hit an all-time low in terms of how they dress, how they talk, and how they act in society.

And just to be clear, when I say American women I’m speaking of the typical American woman in this country today who isn’t religious and didn’t grow up in a religious household.

In fact, she probably hasn’t even been to church unless she was dragged there by a friend.

These days, the typical woman has turned away from the church because she has been led to believe that it is holding her back or that the ideals of being a Christian are unfair to women.

In short, she’s been sold a lie.

If we go back 50-60 years ago, we were still living in a Christian society.

Most people grew up in a Christian household, and even if you didn’t you were still bound to the basic Christian tenets of that society.

If you were a woman, this meant dressing modestly, not calling attention to yourself, conducting yourself like a lady, and so forth.

You either married early or you got a job until you found your husband. But the goal was usually to find Mr. Right, settle down, have children, and be a wonderful mother as well as a loving wife.

Most women back then were perfectly fine with this way of life. After all, God gave them the ability and the yearning to have children one day so that’s what they went and did.

These women wound up making great wives and mothers because they had great role models in their own mothers who taught them all the things they needed to know.

Mother and Daughter Baking

The American woman had many things to offer a man who was in the market for a wife so it’s no wonder why so many of these gentlemen were perfectly fine tying the knot and giving up their bachelor life for good.


The American Woman Today

Many young women today grow up in non-Christian homes while the mothers of these girls lack the effort or ability to teach their daughters how to cook, sew, or do anything else that young women should know how to do.

In fact, many of these mothers are more interested in being their daughter’s friend than a role model.

Without a proper education at home on how to become a woman and mother, the gullible and easily moldable young lady instead models her behavior off an education from our leftist media who tries its hardest to turn women into men and men into women.

They are taught by their TV that they don’t need to know how to cook…that these are old-fashioned beliefs and any man who wants a wife to have this skill is obviously sexist.

Instead, these young ladies are bombarded with messages that tell them “they don’t need a man” and that their career and meaningless one-night stands is what they should desire instead.

Soon, they begin to believe the constant brainwashing that they should want more out of life, and they can’t get this if they’re staying at home keeping a good house.

Meanwhile, they constantly binge on “reality shows” where women scream vulgarities at one another and think this is the outward appearance a lady is supposed to have in this day and age.

With no proper upbringing along with social conditioning from their TV, these women turn into repulsive beings that no man would want to marry.

Maybe the most frustrating thing is that these women don’t understand that  they’re being conditioned to think and act this way.


It’s All About Me

When I see young women these days, I’m struck by how different they act versus the girls that I grew up with when I was their age.

The self-entitled attitude, the immersion into their smartphones, and most notably the unladylike way they conduct themselves in public around other people.

Women Today

Growing up years ago, these younger women were much more reserved and modest than today’s counterparts. Generally, they were more or less polite and a pleasure to be around.

They adored men. They looked up to their fathers.

Today’s American woman has been told by her TV to hate and distrust men because they’re just keeping her down in life and only see her as a sex object.

Anyone with half a brain knows this is malarkey and have a sense that there is a political narrative behind all this man-hate.

Most women will not admit this because it would require them to stand up for all men in general. Or if they’re naive enough, they just don’t see the truth that’s right in front of them; that they’re being taught to hate and distrust the opposite sex for no good reason.

Somebody behind the curtain is pulling the strings and it’s painfully obvious to see that it’s having a negative effect on women of today.

The younger unwed females are especially affected since they have been conditioned since birth to believe men are the enemy.

This has led to a decline in marriage rates and has almost single-handedly led to the formation of manosphere blogs and forums where bachelors swear off Western women forever.

The attitude of these women is, “Well, he should accept me for who I am.”

The problem with this approach is that “who they are” is something that is repulsing to the majority of men.

Displaying traits like aggressive behavior, acting entitled, scarring your youthful skin with tattoos, and swearing like a sailor are not what men want in a future wife.

What they want is a lady.

Loving Woman

From Titus 2:5:

To be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.

How can our society return to the ways of old where men and women respected one another; a time when both sexes were more compassionate to the other and didn’t go on a date with a checklist in their pocket?

It’s hard to believe what it would take to go back to this time of innocence.

Self-entitlement and promiscuity run wild these days because female musical artists and other women in the entertainment industry portray this as normal behavior.

These artists promote the idea that if a woman really does want to settle down, than she should only settle for “the perfect man.” Because of this attitude, our society has reaped what it’s sewed; a world where women will only date the top 20% of men in looks, personality, wealth, and other desirable traits that women look for in a man.

Your average guy is now left with no choices in finding a potential wife because the average American woman is told by her TV that she deserves nothing less than the most desirable men on the planet.

When the woman goes out on a date, instead of asking questions about the man and trying to form a connection with the person she’s with, she waits to be entertained by him as if he’s the court jester and she the queen.

She’s led to believe she should expect the world, and if she doesn’t get it to start the same process over with another guy the following week.

Is it any wonder why both sides are so miserable?

Dating these days has become so difficult for both men and women that neither seems to enjoy courtship anymore. It’s become much more of an interview process versus two people sharing some time together and trying to get to know one another.


What Will Happen To The American Woman?

Just a short time ago, the American woman was beautiful, innocent, playful, and vulnerable. She was the apple of every man’s eye. What she’s turned into today is but a mere shell of what she once was.

Everything that made her wonderful has been destroyed with a barrage of false idols telling her lies she never should’ve believed.

She’s strayed off the path God laid out for her and is still trying to find her way home.


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