Will A Trump Presidency Mean A Return To 1950s Culture?

1950s Family

We now have a Conservative back in the white house who appears to be working for the people and not the globalists.

Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again.

When I hear this, I immediately think of the 1950s when America was at its zenith.


1950s Culture In America

Sure, there were still racial problems with segregation and all, but let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water.

Other than a racial divide that had yet to be bridged, this country was in the best shape it had ever been in.

The economy was good and things were looking up after a grueling world war had taken its toll on the United States.

One of the best things about the 1950s is that America was still a Christian nation; a population that truly believed in Jesus Christ.

Christian values were on display whenever you talked to your neighbor, went on a date, or gathered with friends.

1950s Teens On Date

Americans championed intellectuals and the artists who tried to find the beauty in our world. We had heroes that we looked up to.

We talked to our neighbors and had them over to our houses. We established real relationships with people we knew, some of who became life-long friends.

Men acted like men. They were taught right from wrong by their fathers and to stand up for what they believed in.

They held the door open for a woman. They took pride in the way they dressed because it was important that others think them in high regard.

Women acted like women. Raised by mothers who exemplified good Christian wives, they imparted their knowledge onto their own daughters. The result was women who walked and talked like ladies.

They loved men as much as their fathers and hoped to land a good one to be their husband. If women worked, it was to support a family or to support themselves until they married. But the goal was always to marry.

With a few exceptions, this was how the majority of our country was just a short time ago. My how things have changed.

So is it possible to return to a 1950s culture like the one that once existed?

Many of us who look at our American society these days are still in awe of what has transpired over the last 55+ years.


The Devastating Effects of Cultural Marxism on American Society

What was once an idyllic place to grow up and raise a family has turned into a carnival side show.

Immoral attitudes towards sex and marriage hog the airwaves. Homosexuality is painted as normal and even something to be explored.

Our traditional family values have been upended and replaced with new ways of looking at family structures while alternative labels for one’s sexuality are introduced to the public.

Good values have turned rotten. People have traded in virtuous traits like respectability and manners and replaced them with sarcasm and self-entitlement.

A lot of this has happened because our country has been taken over by globalists who have implemented a Cultural Marxism framework to control our society through the media.

They’ve conditioned the populace to believe good is bad and bad is good.

And now the Christian patriarchal society is in the process of being replaced by one where women are in charge and wearing the pants in the family.

That’s if the man and woman are even married at all. Most of the films coming out these days portray the single life to women as the ultimate goal.

“Be single and climb the corporate ladder.” “Having children will only get in your way of happiness.” “You don’t need a man”…and so on.

This kind of social conditioning has resulted in 3rd wave feminism poisoning the minds of women everywhere. They’re basically led to believe that this new lifestyle makes women more free and that it’s for the greater good of our country.

Slut Walk

The reality is 3rd wave feminism is more like a trojan horse that comes off as a beneficial movement to women, when it really creates a divide between men and women and undermines the patriarchy instilled in Christianity.

Add to that a politically correct culture where everyone is forced to walk on glass to prevent anyone’s feelings from getting hurt which only serves to stifle opinions from being shared.

This forces people to just “go along to get along.” The obvious problem is, opinions and voices are suppressed. People cannot fight back if their voice is taken away.

When you take away the people’s voice, their rulers can do whatever they want with no repercussions. And that is very scary.

This is Totalitarianism disguised as progress. It’s also a close cousin of Communism.


The End of 1950s Culture

When Communism first reared its ugly head in the 1940s, Joseph McCarthy recognized the evil and tried to put an end to it by putting everyone on the stand to prove they weren’t a commie.

McCarthy Army Hearings

This was obviously the wrong approach, but it alerted everyone to the danger that was there in our American society, ready to end the utopia that Americans had created for themselves.

1950s white American culture was a threat to certain political groups, so they devised ways to destroy it through Communism. 

Even though the communist ideology never caught on in the US, the Cultural Marxist ideas remained and began to tear apart the fabric of the 1950s culture.

The Ozzie and Harriet days of this era would soon die out and was replaced with the radical 60s where views on things like sex and religion changed for society.

A lot of us have been waiting for the 1950s to return so we can once again relive a time when things like old fashioned family values were held in high regard and upstanding men and women walked the streets of every town.

Ladies In The 1950s

Can America Really Be Great Again?

Many think we’ll never see a 1950s culture again and that we can never return to such an innocent age.

Maybe they are right.

It’s possible that our destructive society has indeed reached a point of no return and that the toothpaste can’t be put back into the tube.

However, one look at history will tell you that all things are cyclical. Cultures are always changing.

So maybe our country will at some point return to the ways of old. But is Donald Trump the man to lead us back to those kinds of Christian values?

Donald Trump

Can he squelch his locker room talk while out in public to be the leader that Christians have been waiting for?

Can he steer our country into the right direction where we return to a 1950s society that bases their values off of the Bible?

Or will the culture simply be a separate entity that our Republican government has no control over?

It’s important for people to realize that just because we have a republican in the white house again, that doesn’t mean the society in which we live in will look any different.

Social Justice Warriors (read: Cultural Marxists) are funded and lead by wealthy people to destroy our society from within and create a divide between the parties and people themselves. Their presence has already been felt by the protests following the election results in which disgruntled SJW’s took to the streets to spout off on ridiculous claims of racism and sexism towards the new president.

These lunatics have been force-fed a steady diet of leftist propaganda for 8 years now. Losing the election has only made them angrier than before and might serve as the catalyst to a violent confrontation with the opposition in the near future.

Having Donald Trump in the oval office may not make that go away since Cultural Marxism has become a kind of cult to them, and they’re not about to abandon their religion.

The result of all of this might be a civil war.

Maybe this is what the country will have to go through in order to settle our differences. And maybe a split of the union will be needed to go our separate ways.

I can picture a scenario like this happening.

And then and only then will the rest of us be able to live out our lives in a Christian nation with Christian values.

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